About the author

The author is an eight-year player with a debt of one million to a monthly income of 30,000.

To beat the casino and win back his own money, the author studied various baccarat strategies. Even teach yourself Python for data analysis. The cost of such learning and research is expensive. In addition to the time cost of learning, it is more the cost of trial and error in actual combat. At the end of the article, the author will also announce the baccarat strategy he has learned and tested for everyone to learn from.

If you are also in debt, as a debtor, the author is here to say something to you, and face it calmly when you are in debt.

  1. To confess your debts with your family, one is to reduce your mental burden, and the other is that your family may try to help you. Make a confession with the creditor, agree on long-term debt, relieve the immediate pressure, and give yourself time and energy to start working.
  2. Work hard, how much can alleviate the installment interest, and let life continue. Are there any other alternatives to working hard for those in debt? Only if you have multiple jobs can you make a lot more income.
  3. Don’t think about getting rich overnight, just want to win a lot of money in a short time in the casino. This kind of thinking is very dangerous, it will only speed up your death, without any positive effect. If you think so, then listen to the following sentence.

The casino has thousands or even tens of thousands of times your principal, and it took many years to turn you into nothing and debts. The casino has all kinds of advantages and can’t win everything from you overnight. You actually want to use the scattered and piecemeal money to win back from the casino overnight? You believe in miracles, but miracles do not happen to you.

This kind of thinking is an obvious gambler’s psychology, even if you have a wealth of money, you will lose it all, let alone turn over. In the end, only running and jumping off buildings.

When the author was in debt of more than 1 million, credit cards, online loans, and loans from relatives and friends also made the author very tired. Fortunately, the author stopped gambling. The husband and wife earn more than 10,000 from their work and can cope with the pressure of installment. Later, we added more than 10,000 monthly revenues from the “Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy”, and now we have 30,000 to 40,000 revenues every month, which has come out of debt. I hope that you who are in debt will not be obsessed with it, and the know-how to return when you get lost.