3.1 Count 100,000 hands of baccarat

According to the law of large numbers, if the “Tie” situation is not considered, the ratio between the banker and the player should be 1:1 and meet the following conditions:

Theoretical 100,000 hands of banker and player statistics (excluding T)


So, is this the actual situation? Next, we have Python to simulate the Baccarat card road for testing. Only count the bankers and the players, not the Tie. Friends who know Python can download the code to test.

The test results are as follows:

Test two more times:

It can be seen from the simulation data that it is almost consistent with our expected statistical data. This shows that the baccarat game conforms to the law of large numbers.

Does it also show that any bet placement strategies conforms to the law of large numbers, and ultimately conforms to the 50-50 probability? If so, doesn’t it mean that Baccarat does not have a way to increase winning percentage through bet placement strategies? Or, baccarat can’t improve the winning rate at all? This will be verified one by one below.