5.1 Bet on the banker or the player

Because the “Baccarat Restricted Betting Strategy” only considers the arrangement of bet sizes, for convenience, we only buy players, so that there is no interference from the banker’s handling fees, allowing us to quickly arrange reasonable bets.

No matter what strategy you use, I recommend that you only buy players. If you want to buy a banker, you have to add the amount of rake.

Besides, you must be calm, impetuous, and emotional. Even losing the ability to think and wanting to win money in the casino should be the basic quality. Our Kung Fu Emperor Bruce Lee said that he is not afraid of people who can practice 10,000 kinds of Kung Fu, he is only afraid of people who practice one Kung Fu 10,000 times. What does this mean? That is to say, no matter how simple your method is, you have to thoroughly understand it, you have to master it, and you have to be completely integrated with this method.

We all know that there are tens of thousands of baccarat betting placement strategies, but there are so many methods and so many cards. Can you make it? Besides, the game cannot break the law of large numbers and cannot win Baccarat. The game is only used as an aid. So, just master a simple method. Don’t continue to waste time and energy on finding betting placement strategies.